My story

You ever wanted to reveal the truth, one that may cost your life?

This is such a story, a preview of the coming biography. Share this one if it touched your heart


I have a story to tell,
One that represents heaven and hell
A narrative that runs with emotions and pain,
Suffering and heart break and nothing to gain
A secret world hidden within this country
These words may cost my life as bounty

A story which may become a future legend
Fighting for a lost nation, where to begin?
They will surely make me the cruel villain
This is the power of this secret society within

I will present this true story before the world’s face
Known in history as the 12 years of Grace
I survived, writing these words at a speedy pace
Only time will reveal my historical place
Now it’s given you to read and embrace
The truth will be revealed under this phrase:

My history, 12 years of Grace

Hannes Zegement Grove

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