Winter has come


When thoughts become reality

winter has come,you’ll feel it thru the shine of the sun
Can the icy cold feeling ever be undone
Her ruthless voice her icy windy stare
Give you shivers up your spine,in her icy glare

Winter has come and freedom of summer long last gone
The season of sorrow has only just begun
In these times of rain and deep dark times of pain
The thought of death is thee only foresaw gain

Winter has come the soul sense it’s fear
But deep down your heart in struggle you know Jesus be near
Seasons of agony,pain and mighty sorrow
The earth herself can only timely just borrow
Your daily tears when it pleases the universe’s Creator
When He Himself does allow… your lifes only Author

Hannes Grove ( when my soul was crushed in winter)

#winter #winterishere #poem #poetry

#wisdom #writer

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